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Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide compassionate care that is inclusive of the most socially marginalised consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus, following the model and call to care for the sick, the poor, the vulnerable.

Delivering our services in this manner, Mater continues to establish and articulate its identity as a proudly Catholic organisation within the Mercy tradition. Our Mission and Mercy Values continue to guide Mater People in making appropriate decisions for a sustainable, socially relevant health service for the benefit of our community.

Mater is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the community through an integrated approach to health, education and research which is focused on delivering the highest quality of care for our patients.

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Our strategy

At the highest level, the Mater Group seeks to improve healthcare through the consistent and strategic integration of health, education and research. We see that Mater’s contribution to a healthy community will come from our commitment to the provision of safe, low-variability, evidence-based healthcare which meets identified community need.

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Our future

What Mater will be like in 2020

2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020

In 2020, Mater is representative of a modern health service which seeks to engage with patients and the broader community in the provision of evidencebased care which has a focus on the dignified treatment of each person.

We are proud of our exceptional safety standards, our world-leading research and our commitment to teaching for better health outcomes. Maintaining our focus on our immediate community in South East Queensland, our contributions to clinical excellence have led to improved health outcomes in key specialities globally. We are leaders in our state and our nation, and we seek to share our knowledge with like-minded providers for the benefit of the broader community.

We are proud of our Mater People who have continued to enhance and improve the standards of care and service for all. Mater People continuously demonstrate a high level of accountability and have proven that outstanding clinical outcomes can be achieved and maintained while consistently delivering on a sustainable business margin which has enabled further investment in health, education and research.

Patients, clinicians, researchers and educators consistently choose Mater because our clinical care is consistently excellent, our patient outcomes lead best practice and we can be relied upon to deliver an exceptional standard of service every time. This has enabled us to attract the best Mater People, build highly valued and sought after programs, and deliver a sustainable business model which supports our Mission objective to meet community need.

Our core businesses are appropriately and efficiently managed to ensure an ongoing surplus which facilitates services growth and development and infrastructure upgrades, as well as growth in research, education and non-margin generating community services in areas of unmet need.

In addition to enabling significant and sustainable benefit for the community in line with our Mission, Mater:

• consistently delivers the highest quality clinical care and experience across all aspects of its business with a strong focus on integration and collaboration

• delivers a sustainable margin for investment in our Mission and innovative health programs for the benefit of the community

• translates research into practice in a structured and timely manner to deliver best-practice care for our patients

• delivers education programs that provide evidence-based, continual improvement for health services and improve healthcare for our patients as well as health education for the community

• provides the best possible patient care through access to research support and data for Mater clinicians and researchers as well as the broader healthcare community

• is considered a valuable partner who is genuinely willing to share risk, provide innovative solutions and deliver value for all parties

• is well known for employing people who ask questions, find answers, implement change and monitor outcomes to ensure the highest standards of clinical care.

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Our key performance areas

There are five aspects of continuous focus at Mater and these are managed in priority order by each and every Mater Person. They form the basis for all interactions, assessment and excellence across Mater’s business, and help to ensure continuous improvement.

Our priorities

SAFETYAt Mater, there is nothing more important than safety. We do not seek credit for this; it is inherent in the Mater experience and should be clearly evident to our staff, our patients and our visitors in all that we do. Every decision and every action taken by Mater People has safety as its guiding principle.

EXPERIENCEMater People value customer service and consumer experience as a crucial part of each and every interaction. We know that the same motivation which drives us to deliver exceptional clinical outcomes should drive our approach to service. We seek to meet or exceed each and every person’s service expectations, each and every time.

QUALITYAt Mater we believe that quality comes of consistently seeking to provide safe, people-focused healthcare experiences. Delivering evidence-based, low variability healthcare, exceptional individualised customer service and a genuine commitment to Mater’s Values requires that all Mater People constantly seek to improve the quality of our service.

EFFICIENCYAs a not-for-profit provider of health, education and research services, Mater People must seek opportunities to deliver services for more people, which means being innovative and focussed and by demonstrating strong stewardship of our finite resources. At Mater this is managed in line with the Values of the organisation and with respect for and by each individual.

FUTURE VIABILITYConsistently meeting the needs of the community means always seeking to improve, to innovate and to evolve. Mater People are charged with the responsibility to look for new trends and opportunities which will ensure Mater can meet the challenges of the future by making sensible decisions today.

The Mater Performance Star


Mater has devised a ‘Performance Star’ which helps to direct the human elements of our corporate strategy and drive consumer-centred thinking, integration and behaviours. The Performance Star aligns with Mater’s Mission and Values and helps all Mater People to focus on our five priority areas each and every time.

In meeting the expectations of our patients and consumers, Mater People must excel at:

  • making our patients and our people feel safe at Mater
  • taking every opportunity to more than satisfy our patients and consumers with every aspect of their Mater experience
  • making wise choices to minimise waste and optimise the use of our resources
  • continuously improving the services we offer to our patients and consumers
  • seeking opportunities to ensure perpetual delivery of the Mater Mission for future generations
  • enhancing a culture which is aligned to our Ministry, and supports excellence.

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Our principles guide us

Mater is a Catholic organisation. We are proud of our application of the principles and teaching of Christ the healer. We celebrate the ministry of Jesus Christ through our commitment to our Mission and Values which inform our strategy and our actions across all aspects of Mater.

Our patients and consumers are central to everything we do. Their safety and wellbeing comes first in all our plans, decisions, actions and evaluations. We exist to serve the community and we engage our community in delivering our strategies and services.

Mater is a private not-for-profit organisation. Driving performance and efficiency in all that we do helps us to ensure that we can deliver a financial surplus which can be invested strategically in our Mission—to meet community need. Mater seeks to continuously reinvest

in the provision of exceptional, integrated health, education and research for a healthy community.

Mater respects and reveres the rights and responsibilities of humans in the provision of exceptional healthcare services, in teaching, and in the conduct of research. The same commitment which drives us to continuously excel in the provision of exceptional care compels us to deliver a standard of customer service which exceeds expectations for all of our consumers across all aspects of our business.

Mater seeks to partner with consumers, businesses, organisations and others who understand and align with our vision for integrated health, education and research. We approach our partnerships with constructive, supportive and collaborative motivation to continuously improve and meet the needs of our community. Mater advocates for stronger alignment and closer relationships wherever such a relationship benefits the health of the community and clinical outcomes for patients.

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Mercy, Dignity, Care, Commitment and Quality.


In the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, Mater offers compassionate service to the sick and needy, promotes an holistic approach to healthcare in response to changing community needs and fosters high standards of health-related education and research.

Following the example of Christ the healer, we commit ourselves to offering these services without discrimination.

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Mater People

The ability to consistently deliver an exceptional healthcare service requires a commitment to and from exceptional people. Mater is committed to growing and supporting a culture of accountability which enables, empowers and encourages individuals to continually improve the whole. We seek opportunities to work together with colleagues across the Mater Group, external partners and our patients and consumers to improve health outcomes.

Delivering on the Mater strategy

Mater People are called to act in line with Mission, Values and the principles of our organisation. We are co-responsible for living out the Mission in a way that is authentic, vibrant and of great service to the community.

Mater People have a long history of partnering with the community to ensure and enable a consistently high quality service which meets community needs. Through philanthropy, Mater Foundation helps to facilitate direct engagement and support which has helped Mater to deliver exceptional outcomes across health, education and research. Mater is committed to improving opportunities for partnership and philanthropic engagement which help to build a strong sustainable future.

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Mater Health

Mater Health will continue to deliver exceptional healthcare through a range of clinical services in hospitals, at home and in the community.

We will further enhance our commitment to excellence across all aspects of our healthcare business and enhance our focus on areas in which Mater can genuinely lead through the successful integration of health, education and research.

Mater’s strategic direction is captured in our Exceptional Every Time (EET) strategy which further integrates health, research and education and will be facilitated by our investment in genuine clinical leadership. Mater’s EET strategy seeks to ensure an outstanding healthcare experience for all patients at an individual level and with systemic impacts which will help to shape healthcare at all levels.

Meeting this goal requires that Mater Health builds a model which has an unwavering focus on low-variability, evidence-based care while maintaining a genuine focus on high quality, individualised customer service.

To achieve this Mater Health will:

  • significantly enhance the integration of health, education and research with a specific focus on the patient as the centre of each decision and interaction
  • reorient clinical leadership structures to align with clinical streams and empower clinicians through more direct reporting lines and defined, patient-centred accountabilities
  • build capability in analytics and performance assessment to enable more effective clinical and business decision making based on the most relevant data
  • devise and implement a comprehensive approach to information management which takes account of future and potential health technologies to ensure sustainability of Mater’s position as a leader in patient-centred clinical care
  • implement new standards of customer service and experience management which exceed market expectations.
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Mater Education

High quality education, clinical training and professional development are essential enablers of individual and collective evolution in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Mater Education is focused on achieving Mater’s EET strategy through the use of best practice, stimulating education support and strategies facilitating a professional learning environment where all Mater People learn and thrive together. Mater Education will contribute to the continual improvement in the safety and quality of patient care and experience through effective integration with health and research.

To achieve this Mater Education will:

  • support all Mater people to achieve professional excellence and work at the top of their scope by providing the best multidisciplinary and interprofessional practice development opportunities available
  • provide education and capability development programs in targeted and specific areas aligned with Mater’s EET strategy
  • provide targeted patient-centred care education programs and deliberate practice opportunities through simulation to support the provision of exceptional care and experiences for Mater patients and their families, every time
  • optimise interprofessional practice to be an industry leader in improving patient care and health service delivery throughout the patient journey
  • lead and embed a progressive model of best practice, clinical education that attracts and retains the best clinicians, educators and researchers at Mater
  • provide effective experiential learning programs that focus not only on technical skill and competence but on the development of safe, high performing interprofessional teams focused on delivering the best possible health outcomes for their patients.
  • focus resources on translating research (conducted both at Mater and elsewhere) into clinical practice in order to provide evidence-based care with the aim of reducing unnecessary clinical practice variations and delivering improved patient outcomes
  • partner with Mater Research to deliver a comprehensive suite of high quality research education programs for the benefit all Mater researchers and the quality of research undertaken at Mater and through Mater Research
  • expand Mater’s community education programs to address identified areas of need across Mater’s patient and community groups.
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Mater Research

Health research is essential to the continual improvement of Mater’s clinical care and the overall achievement of the EET strategy.

Mater Research will continue to conduct the highest quality health research focussed on clinical integration and partnering to teach and share our outcomes for the benefit of the community.

To achieve this Mater Research will:

  • develop and conduct international-standard research programs that translate into clinical practice and contribute to delivery of best possible patient care
  • have measurable impact on health outcomes
  • enhance the Mater brand via performance at the forefront of Australian medical research.
  • provide strategic and operational oversight of all clinical trial activity across the Mater Group
  • partner with Mater Health and Mater Education in the recruitment and retention of exceptional clinical leaders and clinicians with an academic and evidence-based focus
  • provide opportunity, training and environment for career development of clinician-scientists across the whole of the organisation
  • drive an organisation-wide, accessible and integrated approach to evidence-based healthcare delivery
  • horizon scan (national and international) high quality research findings and translate these into clinical care in concert with Mater Health and Mater Education
  • liaise with Mater Health, Mater Education, Mater Foundation and Mater Marketing to promote Mater as a provider of science-based clinical care of the highest quality
  • underpin and drive the Mater-group liaison with The University of Queensland
  • maximise the outputs and potential for Mater Group of the Mater Research 25 per cent shareholding in the Translational Research Institute
  • seek and drive strategic research collaborations with external stakeholders for the benefit of Mater, its patients and the community
  • contribute knowledge and capability to addressing global health issues.
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Exceptional Every Time





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